September 10 - 12, 2013

Cutting Costs with Open Development


Cutting Costs with Open Development



Organizations debating whether or not to pursue an open software project often find themselves on the fence about whether the community will be beneficial or just add confusion and bloat. How will work get done when there's not a core funded team? How will feature requests and bug reports be managed? How will quality assurance be achieved without becoming a bottleneck for releases?

In this talk, learn about strategies that streamline the contribution process with Git and automate away bloat in quality assurance with GitHub pull request workflows and CI tools. Go further with a discussion over how priorities are triaged, placing emphasis on those stakeholders who are contributing most directly to the project, and how tight communication is ensured when collaborators rarely, if ever, find themselves in the same room.


Eric Bollens is the Lead Software Architect of the UCLA Office of Information Technology's Education and Collaboration Technologies Group. In this role, he builds frameworks and APIs used at UCLA, across the University of California and throughout the open-source community. He currently manages development of the WebBlocks Responsive Toolkit and Community App Store Architecture.

At UCLA and as an IT consultant and open-source developer, Eric has over ten years of experience building web applications and architectures ranging from front-end mobile and responsive tools to application frameworks and end-user software to network and routing protocols. Ultimately, Eric's passion lies around constructing technical solutions to meet core business needs. He is also an open-source advocate and a subscriber to the DevOps philosophy.




Technical Level


  • Open Development Processes and Practices
  • Continuous Integration
  • Version Control Systems
  • Automation