September 10 - 12, 2013

A Modern Development Stack


A Modern Development Stack



In recent year's there has been an explosion of UX technology. It is now possible to build and organize the front-end using a myriad of JavaScript frameworks as well as leverage CSS toolkits to responsively adapt interfaces to the size of a user's screen (i.e., smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.). This presentation will highlight the use of the latest UX technologies to build desktop and mobile-based applications. Everything from mocking services, responsive design and code organization to automated JavaScript unit tests and code documentation will be discussed. This session seeks to explore these new technologies and asks the question of how we might incorporate these technologies and development processes into our respective projects?


Matthew Polizzotti is a U.X. Architect for Unicon, Inc. and a 12 year veteran of Web development and interface design with a focus on developing enterprise-class Web applications for higher education. Prior to joining Unicon in 2007, he was a lead developer for Anthem College, a post-secondary institution specializing in the delivery of online content to perspective students for a variety of disciplines. Matthew is a collaborative and perceptive developer with a wide ranging skill set. Over his career, he has worked with technologies that include CSS(3), HTML(5), a host of JavaScript technologies such as Node, Grunt, PhantomJS, Angular and Backbone as well as PHP, JSP and JSTL, XML, XSLT, JSON and AJAX.




Technical Level


  • The Web, Today and the Future
  • Frameworks of the Modern Web
  • Responsive Design
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • CSS Precompilers
  • Javascript
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Web App