September 10 - 12, 2013


Are you a cream-of-the-crop, code-til-ya-drop, web enthusiast? A superhero developer transforming the world through HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript and responsive design techniques? Someone looking to meet, collaborate and create with a "who's who" of the mobile and modern web community? Or someone who's interested in learning about and going deeper with open web technologies and tools?

Come join us September 10th through 12th at UCLA for three days of inspiring keynotes, sessions, workshops and socials at the Mobility and the Modern Web Conference! This event is coordinated by UCLA's Office of Information Technology with the support of our sponsors.

The Web, Today and the Future

From the expressive semantics of HTML 5 to the presentational power of CSS 3 to the rich interactivity of Javascript and the HTML 5 APIs, the modern web is an exciting, albeit complex environment. Sessions in this area will discuss how to use these modern web standards and go further with industry experts who will discuss the future of this rich environment.

Responsive Design

Responsive design takes advantage of fluid grids, CSS 3 media queries, and responsive media to develop rich web experiences regardless of how the user is accessing the site. This area includes sessions that introduce responsive fundamentals and go further with techniques such as mobile first, server-side components and more to better connect with audiences on every viewing medium from mobile and tablet to desktop and beyond.

Usability and Accessibility

Mobile and responsive design have led to a shift in user experience and information architecture paradigms, while the HTML 5 technologies have added powerful APIs and more verbose semantics for effectively describing and delivering content. Sessions in this area shall discuss approaches for reaching audiences on-the-go, providing rich interactions in touch-based mediums, and delivering content in ways that meet ADA and 508 guidelines for accessibility.

Frameworks of the Modern Web

The modern web is full of exciting features and APIs, and a number of frameworks have sprung up around them. This area includes sessions which discuss how to take advantage of open-source tools and frameworks to enable cross-platform development, responsive design, beautiful user interfaces and rich Javascript interactivity.

Mobile Research and Learning Interoperability

With the rise of mobile and tablet devices, we are no longer confined to the classroom or laboratory. Sessions in this focus area explore exciting ways educators, researchers and others are taking advantage of mobile devices and other mediums to immerse and engage students and conduct research in the field. Case studies will also include how learning interoperability standards are being used to immerse niche and cutting edge web-based tools into learning management systems.

Open Development Processes and Practices

Open communities are a leading player in the modern web from front-end frameworks to browser engines. However, with openness comes a completely new set of challenges. This focus area will explore challenges facing open communities and discuss how these communities are leveraging strategies, from governance to licensing, and tools, such as GitHub, infrastructure-as-code and automated build pipelines, to streamline their efforts.

Evolving out of the 2011 & 2012 MWF Conferences, the 2013 MMW Conference will focus on the standards and practices of the modern web, open-source frameworks and tools that make it easy to get going with mobile and responsive design, and examples of how mobility is reshaping learning and research.

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